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BioConnexx is a supplier to the life science industries for high-purity fluid handling needs. On the fabrication side, we offer unique solutions for customer problems by helping them achieve what they want to do. We take commercially available products and assemble them into a product that meets our customers’ needs. Our customers include engineers, product managers, lab managers, and distribution companies.

BioConexx, founded by Arthur B. Quade, first entered the market in 2005 as a single-product distribution company. Since then, we have evolved into a multiproduct distribution line, as well as a custom fabrication and assembly provider for the life science industries. We operate out of a 1500 square foot warehouse, which stocks our finished materials and serves as an area for minor prototypes.

We have over 500 products ranging from single components to custom fabrication and assembled parts. Many of these products are solely available through BioConnexx and are manufactured within an ISO-class clean room. 

At BioConnexx, building long-standing relationships is a virtue of ours. We pride ourselves on offering unique solutions to customer problems to the best of our ability. We strive to do it right the first time and provide high quality products in a timely manner.